We're please to present Simon’s USB mechanisms. Equally comfortable and useful. They guarantee maximum reliability during use and a long service life. And our range offers plenty of variety. Lately, electric mechanisms have been adapted to meet new needs. Many devices need a product such as those offered within this selection. The main things we include in Simon USB mechanisms are variety and high quality.


USB socket outlets

Socket outlets with USB allow us to charge small electronic devices, mobile phones and tablets, which need to be frequently charged due to intensive daily use.

These USB outlets don't replace sockets, but complement them. Our catalogue includes socket outlets with USB chargers. If you replace your traditional socket with one of these, you still have a 16A German socket outlet, along with two independent, and extremely useful, USB outlets.


USB mechanism kits

In addition to socket outlets, our website offers kits for elements with German socket outlets including a SmartCharge USB Charger. These kits make installation much easier. Add its stylish back-end design and pretty black finish, and it's perfect.

Most USB socket kits are part of the Simon 100 series and are compatible with the rest of the brand's 100 series mechanisms. They include a screw terminal connection and are activated through insertion. This is a standard product that can be sold in the EC.




USB Chargers

Furthermore, if you need USB chargers in the sockets, check out this section of our catalogue that offers a wide range of them. Generally, the charger outlet includes 2 USB outlets and offers a fast and safe screw terminal connection. It allows you to charge different devices such as mobile phones, tablets or any other electronic device that can be accessed through USB. Its maximum intensity is 2.1 Amps and its output voltage is 5 V DC, making it suitable for practically all devices on the market. It uses a 230 V power supply source.

Make your home or office more comfortable by adding a way to quickly and easily charge your electronic devices, thanks to the range of kits, chargers and USB mechanisms available from Simon.