Some everyday objects go unnoticed, even though their functionality is really important — like switches. At Simon, we want to provide an excellent selection for our users.


Most products can be installed in residential homes, hotels and other spaces. Some have more specific applications. We offer devices for switching lights on and off in a home or business, or to perform the same function for any electrical appliance. The electrical systems in most buildings still work with conventional switches. These may be conventional switches that work with a single-phase alternating current. More common are 2-way switches, which allow you to control a lighting point through two switches, or crossed switches. You can control light with as many switches as desired in a single room.


Features and types

In this section the user can check all the technical features. And all types of switches. From 2-way switches to all kinds of touch switches that allow you to switch lights on and off from a single area or different areas in a room. These switches are push-button activated, which means that the rockers always remain in the same position.

Wherever there's electricity, there needs to be a switch (or several). You might have a particular type of conventional switch in mind: a white push-button switch inside a box that's the same colour, located throughout different rooms in a building. This type is widespread, but the conventional switch is slowly being replaced by other non-manual devices, especially those that switch on and off using sensors.


Range of switches

Among Simon’s most noteworthy switches, you will find new products in legendary switch product collections such as the 100 series. This is a new range of dimmer switches to control lighting at any time and from anywhere. With these switches, you’ll be able to dim any type of luminaire and create unique experiences at all times. Also, with Simon, you will find switches to make installation as easy as possible from start to finish.

If you have any questions regarding any of our switches, our Customer Service department will be pleased to assist you.