Floor boxes

For optimum energy distribution, correct mechanisation and management of different installation in the workplace, Simon has designed and created extremely advanced raised floor box solutions. Currently, these floor boxes are present in any home and in other public and private spaces. They include a removable cover that makes opening easier and more manageable.

Floor boxes

An essential device

Inside the removable cover, there are the different installation connections. They perfectly protect and distribute workplace solutions and different wire grids, powering light sources, electric appliances and other electronic, multimedia, voice and data or TV systems.

Necessary connections and bypasses are also included within the boxes. It's an essential element that protects us from different accidents and unforeseen circumstances, acts as insulation and makes connections invisible and inaccessible, for greater safety and protection.


Safety against fire

One of the best benefits of these floor boxes are their insulating, fire-resistant properties that prevent flames from spreading in the case of a fire. Also, they're manufactured with materials that reduce the emission of toxic fumes.

And not only this in terms of safety and protection, but the quality of these materials is certified against knocks, sudden movements and other unforeseen events.


Raised floor boxes

Places such as offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, conference halls, study halls and libraries, shops, car dealerships and many more require the installation of raised flooring, and therefore, a box that fits these specifications.


Concrete floor boxes

In this case, these can be found in homes and all kinds of residential environments. We offer square, rectangular or circular models to choose from; as well as different colours and finishes.

Here are our collections of raised floor and concrete floor boxes in all available versions. Choose ultimate reliability and safety guarantees. Choose Simon.