Outdoor lighting

We walk, stroll, drive, play sports, rest, play, live and enjoy many experiences outdoors. Solutions to illuminate both public and private outdoor spaces, enhancing the architecture and landscape of small towns and large cities; as well as their buildings, gardens, streets, squares, parks, paths and bike lanes, roads, tunnels…

Simon Skat M

Simon SKAT MPF Istanium LED® urban decorative luminaire made of die-cast aluminium

Simon Nath S

Simon NATH S Istanium LED Road Light luminaire, die-cast aluminium, lateral/adjustable post-top fastening.

Simon Merak SYF

Simon Merak SYF Istanium LED urban decorative luminaire made of die-cast aluminium, with post-top fastening

Appearance and functionality for outdoor lighting with Simon systems

Outdoor lighting is part of urban, commercial and leisure environments in urban areas, as well as road areas, where these systems provide lighting control but also play a fundamental role in the safety of people and systems


Simon presents its wide range of possibilities for outdoor lighting. Solutions for the most demanding environments, whether public or private. 


Road light luminaires

As part of different ranges, these luminaires offer different solutions for public roads, ensuring maximum visibility and the best conditions for the road safety of drivers and pedestrians. 

Urban luminaires

We offer ranges with compact and efficient designs for luminaires intended for public lighting networks, including roads, squares, parks and other urban public spaces. 

Classic luminaires

A classic but updated style that fits in perfectly with different outdoor environments, both public and residential. 

Spotlight luminaires

Effective lighting through homogeneous light with high light flux and efficiency ratio values. These spotlights offer excellent benefits in terms of thermal management, anti-glare, self-cleaning and design. 

Orientation and beacon luminaires 

This range of luminaires aims to offer signalling solutions for public spaces, such as car parks, pedestrian streets, parks, as well as submersible luminaires for swimming pools or ponds. 

Lighting points

Additional outdoor lighting to highlight and light specific areas within a public space. They can be used to complement other lights to ensure greater road safety. Autonomy, sustainability and minimum consumption.

Lighting with solar solutions

Solar luminaires to light gardens, terraces, pathways or transit areas within the home; as well as streets, squares, parks or outdoor leisure areas in public spaces. 

Zebra crossing lighting

Selection of luminaire designs for zebra crossings. A specific and effective way to improve safety in these delicate places, thus reducing the chance of accidents. 

Decorative poles 

Poles to create unique lighting atmospheres, providing spaces with unparalleled comfort and their own personal decorative style. 

Functional poles

These poles focus on the functional aspect, beyond decoration. 

Arms and crosspieces for poles

In addition to different collections of arms and crosspieces for poles, you will also find accessories and adaptors for fastening. 

Light engines

Light engines compatible with Simon’s different outdoor lighting collections. 

Simon Istanium LED Technology

This innovative technology grants elements a longer service life, greater protection against bad weather in outdoor spaces and better levels of anti-glare, without contributing to light pollution.