Simon offers a wide selection of sockets within its different ranges, with a multitude of models to choose from. There are different shapes, colours, installation types and functions that adapt to even the most specific needs. Because sockets are essential for everyday life. Without them you would not be able to connect your kitchen appliances to the electrical grid or, for example, use your laptop at a hotel while travelling. Socket outlets are extremely useful in any environment, including residential, work and public spaces.


Applications in different environments.

In our catalogue you will find all kinds of sockets for different types on environments. All of them meet the highest safety, resistance and reliability requirements. And, though it may not be the most important aspect of sockets, we also take design into account. We offer models that can fit within all kinds of decorative styles.

That's why we pay the utmost attention to the finishes on our products. This socket collection offers the greatest variety of products imaginable. There are socket outlets for homes and more specific infrastructural alternatives designed for port installations, large generators, railways, sports centres, hospitals, office complexes and teaching centres (schools, universities and others).



Types of sockets / socket outlets

That's the case for products from the 1-click range of high-resistance socket outlets, which are ideal for places with constant vibration or a dusty atmosphere.

Furthermore, we also recommend our range of German socket outlets, which are standard, commonly used sockets that you won't need adaptors to use.

Simon is synonymous with quality for every type of product. It is also synonymous with appearance and, of course, function. This socket collection proves it.


The quality of the sockets is guaranteed. Also, if you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help, offering advice and relevant recommendations to make your choice easier.