At Simon, after more than 100 years of history, we know that pressing an interface triggers an endless number of experiences that are part of our lives. Our collections pay attention to every design detail and adapt to your space, becoming part of the architecture and enabling the functions necessary for technology to be at people’s service.

colecciones mecanismos
Simon 270

Make it better, simplify.

Simon 100

The conventional installation switch that can be transformed into a smart switch.

Simon 82 Concept

When you simplify a design down to its purest primary forms, you can.

Smartcharge USB chargers

The Simon 100 series socket outlet with USB charger includes a Smartcharge chip, which makes it compatible with any type of device. This way, the charging process is safer, faster and more efficient.


Simon offers a wide range of solutions. Just look at its switches and sockets series for proof. 


Whether for the residential or industrial sector, electrical mechanisms are necessary to achieve an efficient system. Here, you can find electric and electronic mechanisms that can make your home or any other space safer, more comfortable and more efficient.


Mechanisms and functions


At Simon, we have an endless array of this type of product. On the website you can find a large switches and sockets series, in different models and colours, designed to adapt to any type of environment. 


All kinds of functions to cover specific needs. Including lighting control and dimming systems, kits with indispensable products for any kind of installation, blinds control mechanisms and heating control systems. 


There are also timing mechanisms and all kinds of signalling and beacon systems, protection and security systems, access controls, mechanisms with wireless systems and devices for different specific needs. 


Additionally, in the Simon mechanisms section you'll find a wide selection of rockers, covers, frames and socket outlets. But that's not all. We also offer switches, TV sockets and multimedia systems, as well as everything necessary for any installation, especially for radio and music lovers.


Furthermore, if you take a look at our online catalogue, you'll discover the best electric and electronic switches and sockets for different uses and functions. We have the best electric solutions for you and yours. 


In this section, you'll find mechanisms that fulfil all the aforementioned functions with all sorts of designs and finishes. 


It's essential to always choose the highest quality mechanisms possible, to avoid any problems. A good example is our switches and sockets series, where you'll find exactly what you need. 


If you have any questions regarding any of these switches, our Customer Service will be pleased to assist you.