Simon Neon

Robust and minimalist solution for urban spaces both on public roads and in private areas.


The anti-vandal and weather protection, as well as its stainless steel structure make it ideal for placement outdoors.


The charger is easily installed and is easy to integrate with our energy management systems for multipoint device networks.



Accelerate the impact of electric mobility

On December 12, 2014, Decree 1053/2014 came into force where the ITC BT 52 is approved.

This Complementary Technical Instruction requires the incorporation of infrastructures in newly built car parks to promote electric mobility.


This paradigm reinforces the need for a solution for outdoor environments, floor and wall mounting for hotels, commercial surfaces, public car parks, company car parks, service stations and public roads.


Robustness and visibility

The IP54 and IK10 enclosure, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, has excellent characteristics for outdoor use: resistance to corrosion, heat and low temperatures, improved mechanical properties thanks to a chrome passivation film on its surface .


Unique solution on the market that, depending on the status, allows you to quickly and remotely identify if the equipment is free, in the process of being recharged, or out of service from any location in the car park.

Charger Network System

Simon Neon has the ability to connect various devices to each other to simplify the installation and management of charging points.


With this system we can connect up to 12 charging points without the need for other external elements, which allows us to manage power and users in an intelligent and efficient way.

Anti theft
Single point and multipoint architecture
Power limitation
For demanding environments
User identification system

Customizable settings

Configure your Simon Neon according to your needs, from the type of outlet to the identification system, as well as protections and charging power management.


Main technical characteristics:


- Two sockets per unit, it has a charging power of 7.4 kW (single-phase socket) and 22 kW (three-phase socket).
- Column or wall mounting with outlet or hose.

- 360º LED ring for easy identification of the charge status.

- Ethernet communication, optional 3G/4G modem.

- Electrical protections included.

- Accountant with MID certificate.

- Stainless steel case.

- IP54, IK10


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