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Simon 100 Series

Spaces that are full of life, so you never stop feeling

Simpler, more intuitive and more convenient

The Simon 100 series was designed for easy interaction. It's the first push-button switch, and it's designed to be used with your eyes closed.

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SImon 100 Hub iO

The conventional switch has gotten smart

The first collection to integrate the Simon iO system and the first to enter the IoT universe.

Imagine it, try it—but most of all, feel it

With Simon iO, you can turn your house into a smart home, without requiring changes to the conventional installation, special wiring or a new electrical box.


Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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Simon 100 Funcionalidad
Shape and functionality, perfectly combined

Its elegant appearance, distinctive colours and subtle but perfect finishes make you appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

Elegance that blends into the environment

The matt finish improves touch perception, making the interface even more user-friendly.


The gloss finish is modern and minimalist. It enhances the colour and the surface is less susceptible to wear.


Available in two colours: black and white.

Pure innovation

After years of research, Simon 100 is rethinking the nature of switches with a new approach. The result is a mechanism with optimal usability and easier, safer installation.

Simon 100
Solutions for each room

Simon 100 offers convenient kits that include various functions to cover all your needs. Kits let us avoid product lines and simplify purchasing with a single design.

Bedroom light control kit

Socket outlet + 1 dimmer switch + SmartCharge USB

Vertical light control kit

Two 2-way switches + socket outlet

3 elements light control kit

2 socket outlets + 2 2-way switches

3 SmartCharge elements kit

Socket outlet + SmartCharge double USB + blinds switch + 2-way switch

3 multimedia elements kit

Socket outlet + HDMI + USB + TV/SAT + RJ45

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