Teleblock telescopic profiles with automatic elevation for 5 elements aluminium Simon K45

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Version:  5 elements
Number of modules:  5 modules
Type of elevation:  Automatic
Space for cabling distribution:  The profile is supplied with 1 blind plate and two 22.5 x 45 mm plates, for a more effective internal distribution of cabling.
Cabling access:  Through the space enabled in the lower part of the profile.
Cabling access typology:  Entry for corrugated tube or cable gland, fast-connection connectors, electrical wiring leads, voice, data and multimedia cabling through specific plates.
Linkable:  No
Finish:  Graphite
Available in:  Available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 elements
Expandable:  No
KIT availability:  Yes
Number of cover opening positions:  1
Possibility of including quick-connect connectors along the side of the housing:  No
Protection against entry of dust and small objects:  Yes, thanks to the silicone gasket on the cover that prevents the entry of external elements when there are no connections. Yes, thanks to the silicone gasket on the cover that prevents the entry of external elements when there are no connections.
Compatibility:  Simon K45 range functions and possible to combine with the Simon Electrical Wiring range.
Packaging contents:  Telescopic profile with automatic elevation, non-slip joints, metal separator, 2 ground connections, 3 blind plates, (1 wide and 2 narrow), fastening thread and installation manual.
Remarks:  To complete the installation of the product it must be combined with the cover and trim frame (refs. KTLA1/14 or KTLA1/31).


Dimensions:  103 x 60 mm
Depth:  377 mm
Height of profile in extended position:  225 mm
Height of profile in concealed position:  3 mm
Elevation of frame from ground level:  3 mm
Personalisation of flush-mount cover dimensions:  Ø 104 mm
Heat resistance:  +70ºC (according to standard IEC 60670)
Extinguishing:  +850ºC (according to standard IEC 60670)
Insulation resistance:  >5 MOhm at 500 V
Dielectric strength:  Without perforation or contournament with 2000 V at 50H during 1 minute
Number of lower entrances:  1 inlet, with the possibility for 6-cable access through the lower part of the profile via the K20/14 plate. The profile is supplied with the modular lower part to allow access of a variable quantity and type of cabling.
Electromagnetic immunity for VDM wiring:  Ensured by the fixing of the metal separator in the rail enabled in the bracket for this purpose.
Length of gas cylinder (automatic elevation):  589 x Ø 18 mm
Strength of gas cylinder lock (automatic elevation):  50 N
Gas cylinder stroke (automatic elevation):  271 mm
IP rating:  4X
RAL:  7021
Manufacturing material:  Anodised aluminium profile with fastening bracket and top and bottom closure in self-extinguishing halogen-free thermoplastic that guarantees no flame spread in case of fire, and low toxicity in the event of smoke generation.
Type of product:  Standard
Market available:  CE


Regulations:  Directive 2014/35/UE LVD + Directive 2011/65/UE RoHS + EN 50581:2012 + EN 60670-1:2005


Installation type:  Suitable for embedding in furniture.
Securing possibilities:  Its design allows its integration into any type of furniture, combining the telescopic profile with the cover and trim frame (ref. KTLA1/14, graphite finish, and ref. KTLA1/31, matt chrome finish)
Type of fastening:  By tightening the fastening thread supplied with the Simon K45 Teleblock telescopic profile.
Securing without accessories:  The telescopic profile is supplied with all the material necessary for installation, including the fastening bracket, with no need to employ additional articles for fastening.
Installation direction:  Vertical (it can also be installed horizontally).
Opening orientation:  Top and bottom.
Removal of the plate:  Only with tool
Removal of components:  Only with tool
Recess dimension:  Ø 114 mm
Temperature range during installation:  -5 to 60º C
Max. temp. during construction work:  +60º C
Maintenance:  Clean with a soft dry cloth. Do not use tissues and/or abrasive cleaners containing chlorine.


Available in display box:  Yes
Packaging quantity:  1
Height:  149.000
Wide:  246.000
Depth:  617.000
Box measurement unit:  MM
Box volume:  22615518.000
Box volume measurement unit:  MMQ
Net weight of box:  1.540
Gross weight of box:  1.545
Unit weight of box:  KGM
EAN code:  8426436049567
Available in multiple box:  No
Available on pallet:  No



Teleblock telescopic profile application in meeting room


Teleblock telescopic profile application table top


Teleblock telescopic profile Simon K45 aluminium front view


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