Indoor Lighting

Our indoor lighting collections allow light to become part of the architecture, create moods, unique atmospheres and add emotion to spaces, adapting them to the needs of its inhabitants. Solutions that inspire professionals who work with light, enhancing their creativity and imagination during the concept and design process.

Simon Mood

Mood turns the vertical and horizontal planes into elements that acquire a new architectural dimension, integrating the light source into the wall as if it were part of it.

Simon Hole

Hole recreates the physical effect of pure light entering a space through.

Simon Slim System & Drop

Drop is the range of spotlights that allows us to create structures of

Simon Loop

Loop is a contemporary interpretation of OLED technology. It creates spaces with shapes and light, adding a unique personality to any room, transforming the concept of “lighting” and offering creative freedom. 


Design created by Antoni Arola for Simon 


Indoor lighting

Simon presents its extensive collection of products for indoor lighting, suggesting solutions that inspire positive moods and visual comfort, which highlight the room’s architecture and create unique settings full of good vibes.

A wide range of possibilities

From options for general or complementary lighting to other types of luminaires that shape different environments or lighting atmospheres, as well as decorative and accent lighting. 

Lighting systems

Systems to dim and control the luminaire network comfortably and efficiently. 


Uniform light that is perfectly homogeneous, filling all corners of the room, making them perfect for general indoor lighting. 

Spotlight luminaires 

Both for general indoor lighting and accent lighting. We can use them to highlight elements and areas by dimming the light. 

Wall-ceiling luminaires

Endless alternatives to light ceilings and walls, for both general and complementary lighting. 

Free-standing – table-top luminaires 

Solutions for desks and spaces that require extra lighting and the highest visual comfort.

Linear luminaires

Ideal for contours, alcoves, bathing walls and even creating different colour effects. 

Modular ceiling lights

The perfect choice for spaces with false ceilings where you want to extend or modify the modules as you please. 

Industrial luminaires 

Intense light source for general lighting, especially in the industrial sector and other large commercial warehouses, particularly for high ceilings. 

Compatible dimmers 

Family of compatible dimmers for all Simon indoor lighting products.


Simon indoor luminaires cover practically all needs. From architectural lighting to general lighting to accent lighting... 

Due to their versatility and the large amount of ranges and options available, they are a common solution for schools and all sorts of educational centres, health care centres, restaurants, hotels, residences, commercial premises, offices and art galleries or museums. 

Among the indoor luminaires that aim to accentuate, nuance, contour or highlight specific elements and areas, you'll find solutions for shelves, receptions, glass cabinets, halls and any corner or element that complements the general lighting. 

And of course, there are many solutions for homes too. Luminaires that, together, offer the possibility of creating more functional indoor lighting systems, as well as offering a more modern design full of nuances. 

And, although intended for indoor lighting, some of these luminaires can also be installed in certain outdoor areas, for example on terraces or porches, especially if they are covered.