Recharging of electric vehicles

Simon has a complete range of recharging point systems for electric vehicles, which have specific enclosures for any type of environment, whether in private, community, public or corporate car parks, and for all types of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. two or four wheels. We promote electric mobility for a more sustainable future.



Simon, a world leader in the manufacture of electrical equipment, lighting control systems and connectivity, has applied all its knowledge since 2011 to develop charging infrastructures suitable for electric cars and motorcycles, as well as for plug-in hybrid vehicles and quadricycles.
Our challenge is to promote the use of low-emission vehicles and promote more sustainable cities.

Simon SM 20


Simon offers different ranges of electric vehicle chargers that adapt to each installation environment.

Our charging solutions stand out for their ease of use, robustness, ease of installation, flexibility, integration with third-party systems and for having the official certification of different electric vehicle manufacturers: Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai.

Electric vehicle: everything you need to know about sustainable mobility

There are many policies and solutions that are being implemented to promote sustainable mobility, that is responsible with the environment, and that reduces its GHG emission.



Simon is an active part of the following national reference associations that promote electric mobility such as AEDIVE, LIVE Platform, CEEC, VoltTour, ICAEN TIRVEC Table

Recharging of electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are one of the best alternatives for reducing polluting particles in the air of our cities. For this reason, many cities are already beginning to regulate the road traffic of their vehicles, taking into account their emissions. The urgent need to create more sustainable and healthy environments makes electric mobility an alternative that we must accelerate and implement as soon as possible. For this reason, Simon has been developing electric vehicle recharging systems and solutions since 2011 to achieve more sustainable cities. Simon's charging solutions for electric vehicles are robust, easy to use and install and, in addition, they are highly integrable with the different platforms that exist on the market through OCPP 1.5/1.6 and Modbus Ethernet protocols. We have the official certification of different brands of electric vehicles such as: Renault, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Nissan. At Simon we want to be part of the revolution we are experiencing in terms of mobility. Despite their short lifetime, our Plug and Drive charging solutions are already a benchmark in electric mobility, thanks to their multiple configurations, the confidence given by certifications granted by the main manufacturers of electric vehicles such as Nissan, Renault , Hyundai-Kia and the guarantee of more than 6,000 installations carried out. There is no doubt that the electric vehicle is the future and Simon's mission is to make it easy for drivers and professionals associated with electric vehicles to recharge anywhere and at any time by offering the most advanced solution for the EV charging industry. In addition, we are an active part of the following national and international reference associations that promote electric mobility: AEDIVE, LIVE Platform, CEEC, VoltTour and TIRVEC Table of ICAEN.

Charging stations for electric cars

Simon ofrece una amplia variedad de estaciones de recarga para vehículos eléctricos o SAVEs. Desde soluciones para ser instaladas en exteriores como las mejores alternativas para su instalación en interior. Disponer de varios puntos de recarga coche eléctrico en tu localidad es fundamental para dar seguridad a los conductores y acelerar el conseguir una movilidad consciente, limpia y libre de contaminación ambiental y sonora. Por ello, cada vez son más los hoteles, hospitales, parkings públicos o estaciones de tren que ya tienen instalados nuestros sistemas de recarga coche eléctrico para facilitar la carga esporádica. Pero tanto o más importante es disponer de un cargador de coche eléctrico de prestaciones adecuadas en nuestra vivienda o comunidad de propietarios con sus múltiples esquemas de instalación según las normativas de instalación en los diferentes países para llevar a cabo la carga vinculada. Para ello Simon te brinda la posibilidad de instalar de manera sencilla, cualquiera de nuestros modelos con sus diferentes puntos o bornes de recarga para vehículo eléctrico. Ofrecemos máxima compatibilidad para todo tipo de vehículos eléctricos del mercado y, por ello, puedes disponer de diferentes conectores de carga.

Type 1

It is the most used model in the Asian and American continents, it has five AC charging terminals that provide us with a maximum intensity of 80 single-phase amps, charge control pins and grounding.

Type 2

It is the most used connector in Europe, always having 7 AC charging terminals. This connector has the ability to be used in both single-phase and three-phase, offering a maximum current of 16 or 63 amps, respectively, which gives us a maximum intensity of 80 amps single-phase, load control pins and grounding.

Type 3

France is the country where this model of 5 or 7 AC terminals is most widespread. It offers us a maximum load of 32 amps. It is currently deprecated and is being replaced by the T2S connector, which is like the previous model, but with shutters.

Other Chademo and Combo models

There are 2 connectors for fast and ultra-fast DC continuous charging chargers for use in charging stations and combo systems that allow alternating between semi-fast and fast charging. Simon's electric charging ranges for vehicles offer solutions to meet the needs of those who are committed to sustainable mobility. Discover our wide variety of products and do not hesitate to contact our customer service to answer any questions that may arise.