Wall-mounted boxes

When installing a wall socket, it's essential to have a compatible wall-mounted box with the simplest connection possible. So, Simon offers its customers a wide range of boxes compatible with its different series for wall installation. The Simon 500 Cima wall box series is particularly noteworthy. A range of boxes designed for professional environments that require electric, data, voice and multimedia workplace solutions.

Wall-mounted boxes

These wall-mounted boxes include a 1Click®-terminal connection system that only requires inserting and clicking in the different connections. It's a quick, tool-less installation method.


Surface-mounted boxes

Surface-mounted wall boxes include 1 to 6 modules so you can incorporate the workplace solutions that you need.

Simon also offers a covered model for greater connection protection. You have the option to install a lock cylinder with a key to limit access.


Recessed boxes

A workplace solution that’s integrated into the room where it's installed, since there are no screws or slots in sight.


Frames and frame-holders

Indispensable parts to perform a perfect installation of Simon wall-mounted boxes. Frames are designed to protect and decorate in keeping with the space’s appearance.


Depth expanders

Simon depth expanders allow you to have the deepest box on the market, with up to 80 mm in depth. Installing these expanders allows the optimal curvature of connections.


Kits for wall boxes

Kits for wall-mounted boxes can work for both recessed and surface-mounted installations. Simon offers kits to simplify purchasing for our customers.


Wall-mounted junction boxes

Simon wall-mounted junction boxes are designed to protect connections and can even be used as a template during installation. Translucent models allow you to see where the tubes or wires are.



Within the wall-mounted box accessories, we want to highlight the depth expanders, box linkers or mini-trunking adaptors in different sizes.

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