Base plates for circuit protection

Circuit protection plates are an essential element to increase their safety and protect them from different unforeseen events or accidents. At Simon, we want to present our particular selection of these plates for different connectivity systems, starting by mentioning their characteristics and advantages.

Features of our protective plates

The circuit protection plates offered by Simon, within its wide range of connectivity accessories, currently have characteristics that make them a unique option above other alternatives.


Resistance to humidity and chemicals is one of its most outstanding qualities. They also withstand very wide ranges of temperatures, from very low to very high temperatures, with materials that act against flames in the event of fire.

Another of its advantages is having dielectric properties, that is, acting as an insulator for greater protection. Additionally, there is its ease of installation (50% faster than other options), since it only needs to be inserted and a little pressure applied for the assembly to be ready.

Get to know our models

Simon offers different models of circuit protection plates for one or more elements, in different dimensions and made of different materials such as plastic, graphite and aluminum.

Various formats of sockets and different models compatible with the turrets, columns and enclosures of our different ranges for connectivity in workplaces, homes and public areas.

Finally, to clean these protective circuit boards, the ideal is to do it with a soft cloth and always dry: never use cloths or abrasive cleaners that contain chlorine, as it can easily damage the piece or affect the operation of the circuits.

These plates are also available in formidable kits that Simon offers you at the best price. Get to know our models now and choose based on your needs. If you need advice, our specialists are at your disposal through online technical assistance.