Simon offers a wide range of elements with different functions for the users who rely on its extensive product range. They all have something in common: making the most of the workplace solutions between different installations in all kinds of environments, even the most demanding.


MCBs and circuit breakers

Devices to protect different installations from overloads. They interrupt the current when it exceeds certain values. Different single-pole and double-pole MCB solutions.


Circuit protection covers

These types of covers increase safety for people and installations, and they usually include a trim that allows them to perfectly fit into their environment.


Sockets and covers

Here you'll be able to individually purchase a cover or socket for a specific workplace solution system. A wide variety of designs, finishes and functions.


Plates and quick-connection electric connectors

These quick-connection elements are available in both male and female versions, and include a curving system that allows the proper distribution mechanisation and maximum transmission speed of connections.


Switches and rockers

A wide variety of switches and rockers with different compatibilities and functions for better workplace solutions between elements. The variety of finishes, colours, materials and number of elements offers custom solutions to cover each and every need.


RJ45 plates and connectors

RJ45 is an interface that allows easy installation and better usability when connecting wiring networks in a structured manner.


TV plates and connectors

Different TV and SAT sockets and plates to provide one of the most important elements within the home with the best and most secure connection..


Voice and data plates and connectors

Innovative design within a range with or without cover that can become a scalable system, because they can be interconnected, which allows the number of modules to be extended.


Plates and multimedia connectors

Different VGA, USB or S - Video multimedia plates and connectors.