Simon’s philosophy is that everything can be improved. No matter what type of product, there are ways to improve the comfort it provides, plus its quality, functions and other features. These workplace solution columns are a clear example. We invite you to discover all the benefits they can bring to different installations, from workspaces to public and residential settings.



Providing a greater convergence of different solutions for electric power, voice, data and multimedia systems is the main goal of this column collection. 

Therefore, they are perfectly valid for a wide range of applications in spaces such as educational centres, laboratories, offices, conference halls, meeting rooms and many other work and public environments. 

Furthermore, these columns are also perfectly suited and functional for homes of all kinds.



Due to their ergonomics and the variety of designs, you can find different options to install in furniture, floors, walls or ceilings. Installation is extremely simple: it doesn't require special training or skills. Assembly is quick and easy with no need for tools or other accessories.


You can choose the column you are interested in, go into the product and check all the features and information of interest, including the installation manual to check how to install the column before purchasing it. 

Also, our technical customer service is always at your disposal for customised advice on your purchase. 


Our column models

Simon presents its collection of columns for workplace solutions, covering practically all possible needs. You'll find columns with a large number of modules for different functions. 

The best materials allow these products to be installed in demanding work environments with much daily activity: high quality aluminium, which provides unprecedented resistance and strength for this type of device, so its longevity and proper functioning are guaranteed.