Workplace solutions

Simon suggests workplace solutions that are both functional, comfortable and stimulating, adapting to technological needs and providing the flexibility that modern workplaces require. Systems with a minimalist appearance that integrate into walls, ceilings, floors and furniture, becoming a part of interior design.

Simon 500 CIMA

Speed, convenience, safety and ease of installation are guaranteed.

Workplace solutions anywhere in your office with your network cable

The Simon 400 series, which is completely versatile when it comes to installation, since it can be installed on top of the desk or inside it, which reduces the need for space and allows us easy access to all the workplace solution resources.


Simon offers connectivity solutions for all types of spaces and needs. Having maximum quality electric connections is fundamental to prolong the service life of our electric appliances, without sacrificing the design and usability that Simon offers in all its products. 

Simon 400

A series designed for modern workplaces whose desks need to be fully connected while occupying the minimum amount of space. A stylish and minimalist series with clean lines whose compact design optimises workspaces. 

Within this series you can find workplace solutions designed to be installed inside the desk with a cover to conceal them, creating cleaner spaces.

There are also models that allow for desktop installation in a very small space. 

They stand out due to their easy installation and versatility, since you can choose the number of modules you need with a large range of connections including: sockets, VGA connection, HDMI and even USB outlets.

Simon 500 Cima

This series offers workplace solution boxes for professional spaces that require wall installation. It offers a wide range of possibilities including electric, data, voice and even multimedia connections. 

It includes a click terminal connection system that enables a 50% faster installation. This workplace solution system is perfect for libraries, museums, health centres, hotels, universities... 

K45 Systems

This series allows for a wide range of possibilities, since it can be installed in any environment, whether raised floor, desktop or under the desk, wall mural or on the furniture, on DIN rail or even on a metal surface with a magnet.

Its great versatility allows it to integrate electric, protection, data, voice and multimedia workplace solutions. Ideal for all kinds of spaces such as auditoriums, offices, hospitals, meeting rooms...


These trunking ranges allow you to bypass and distribute wiring into different compartments depending on their current types. Made of PVC or anodised aluminium, they offer maximum security, compatibility and perfect organisation. 

Electrical wiring

Great quality connection systems whose main features include ease of use and male-female connection type with anchor systems to prevent accidental disconnection. 

You can identify connections by their different colours. 

Structured wiring

Designed to offer integrated energy solutions with flexible installation. The perfect telecommunications infrastructure for work stations and even large corporate areas.