Simon SM34

Recharging device with compact measurements and easy installation, management and maintenance.


The Simon SM34 is a team that provides a solution to any type of environment: from communities of owners to single-family homes.


It is easily managed through the Simon Plug & Drive app that allows you to optimize your energy consumption and choose the solar energy generated by your photovoltaic panels.


Welcome to conscious mobility.


Design and functionality

Simon SM34 is available with a Type 2 hose or connector, being able to activate the charging point through the Simon Plug & Drive App, or optionally through an RFID card to limit its use to authorized users.


The device has a status indicator and offers the possibility of incorporating the necessary electrical protections into the equipment to guarantee safety by simplifying installation.

Single point and multipoint architecture
Management through app for single point solutions
User identification system with RFID card
Hourly programming of charging hours
Protections included within the equipment

Main technical characteristics

- One outlet per unit, has a maximum charging power of 7.4 kW in single-phase units and 22 kW in three-phase units.


- Wall or pedestal mounting, adapted for model with socket and cable.


- Models with Type 2 connector or 5 m smooth cable.


- Led indicators for easy identification of the charging status.


- Bluetooth communication option and compatibility with RFID accessory.


- Electrical protections included depending on the model.


- Models with automatic meter reset device.


- Compatibility with Simon Electron Manager for intelligent load balancing between devices.


- Optional home power modulators and photovoltaic installation.


- Enclosure material: ABS.


- IP54, IK10.

Simon SM34 - Catalogue
Simon SM34 - Data Sheet