Simon SM20

Simon SM20 is an advanced device with wide versatility for business environments.


The management of its load power and the availability of configurations allow an ideal adaptation to the operational requirements.


The connectivity of the charging point with the user management platforms through a server and the ability to create a network of devices with a balanced load guarantee the efficient management of the needs of each project.


Combination of sockets

The Simon SM20 has the possibility of including a Schuko connector for charging lower power electric vehicles in addition to the Type 2 connector.


Both connectors work independently allowing two vehicles to be charged simultaneously.

Charger network system

Simon SM20 has the ability to connect various devices together to simplify the installation and management of charging points.


With this system we can connect up to 12 charging points without the need for other external elements, which allows us to manage power and users in an intelligent and efficient way.

Remote control via server
Single point and multipoint architecture
Power limitation
User identification system
Socket combinations

Main technical characteristics

- Maximum load power of 7.4 kW in single-phase equipment and 22 kW in three-phase equipment.

- Type 2 connector with security lock, 5m smooth cable option and combination of Schuko sockets + Type 2.

- LCD display for user interaction.

- Color coded status indicator LED.

- Ethernet communication, optional 3G/4G modem. RFID card reader with two cards included.

- Master-slave system included, up to 12 teams.

- Optional electrical protections depending on the model.

- Wall or pedestal mounting, adapted for model with socket and cable.

- Accountant with MID certificate.

- Enclosure material: ABS.

- IP54, IK10.

Simon SM20 - Catalogue
Simon SM20 - Data Sheet