Simon Slim System y Simon Drop
Simon Slim System & Drop

Compose your light

The light enters the scene

Versatile, flexible and personal


It goes unnoticed, but makes its presence known. Slim & Drop fills your space with light and geometry.

Structural lines and focal points are combined with freedom of form, light and atmosphere. Simon Drop spotlights accentuate highlights, while light fills three dimensions of space with Simon Slim System.

So versatile, flexible and personal that it dresses any corner with light. 


Designed by Josep Lluscà for Simon.


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Geometry in essence

Pure forms


The luminous figures relate to basic geometric volumes in a perfect symbiosis. Designer and creative, indispensable in interior design.

Part of the space

Integrated architecture


Vertical and horizontal lines that are custom-fitted into place. Structures that are equal parts imaginative and functional.

Wherever you look

360° orientation


A pleasant and homogeneous bath of light, capable of rotating 360° and projecting over a work area. Its diffuser and special fins reduce glare.

Luminous rain

Subtle accentuation


The droplets of light from the Simon Drop fall from the various supports, combining to highlight a precise point, thanks to their full orientation mechanism.

Size matters

Compact design


Simon Drop reduces the size without losing light output, with a tailor-made optical design and an innovative connection system.

Light yourself up

Compose your set


Visit the different pre-designed spaces and discover some of the configuration possibilities for Slim & Drop.

Projects coming to light

Slim & Drop Projects


Whether you're welcoming the public or in a private space, Slim & Drop Projects shine with their own light – inviting you to let your light be seen.

A brilliant system

Fully configurable


The possibilities are endless. It offers as many configurations as there are creative projects. The elements are so easy to assemble that they invite you to create light sculptures.

The collection in the spotlight

Discover the wide range elements for Slim & Drop. Design, combine and start making your idea a reality.

Light modules
Tramos lumínicos
Blind sections and accessories
tramos ciegos y accesorios

Switch on your creativity

Free compositions


Let yourself go. Play and experiment with light compositions in the space, in any direction and using very few elements. The connections have been specially designed to facilitate quick installation.

Enciende tu creatividad
As unique as you are

Customised light


Simon Slim System's diffused light runs through linear structures and can be combined with spotlights as needed. In addition, Simon Drop's Spot optics offer different degrees of aperture, depending on the distance to be projected and the desired atmosphere.



  • Avoids distortions in colour perception with excellent colour rendering (CRI>90).

  • Available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures.

  • All lighting modules integrate technology that allows the light to be controlled and dimmed.
Simon says:

Simon offers a wide range of control system options. Compatible with all inter-device communication technology. Now you have the power, how and where you want it.

Simon interfaces


Simon switches make it easy to dim the lights without the need for additional elements or modifications to the installation.


Simon iO


With the Simon iO App or voice assistants, you control intensity and schedules, and you can create scenes tailored to experiences.

Point-to-point control


DALI one to one and 0-10V dimming offer the most precise and customisable control from digital mechanisms or systems. 


On-board dimmer


Allows manual dimming from the luminaire itself in the versions that include it.





On Board Dimmer



Colour temperature









29W - 57W

Light Flux


2030 lm - 4620 lm


83 lm/W





Colour consistency

<3 Step MacAdam



L80 > 150.000h a 25ºC



5 years




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