Simon Milos M

Simon Milos M

Simon Milos M Istanium LED spotlight, size M, made of die-cast aluminium. Bracket fastening.
It provides necessary public lighting with maximum energy efficiency:


  • Light flux greater than 3370 lm
  • Savings up to 65%
  • Efficiency up to 144 lm/W
  • Guaranteed thermal management.
Pedestrian streets
Industrial spaces
Roundabouts intersections
Large area
Garden park
Urban cycle path
Green trails
Parking area
Commercial areas

Configure the Milos M Istanium LED Luminaire to suit you

Simon's configurator provides high quality light reducing light pollution and energy consumption


2N- with regulation without control line; self-regulation

The electronic equipment of the luminaire has a programmed timer that reduces the power by half after 4.5 hours from the moment of switching on.


2N+ control line regulation

The electronic equipment has an input that connects to the electrical cabinet. When the cabinet activates the voltage in the control line, the equipment delivers 100% of the nominal power to the Istanium LED module. When the cabinet disconnects the control line (0 volts), the equipment reduces power by half.


CAD regulation by header flow

The electronic equipment of the luminaire adapts the supply current of the Istanium LED modules in a proportional way to the input voltage of the line. The head electrical cabinet must have equipment that regulates the line voltage to reduce the light level of the luminaire. This type of regulation is ideal for taking advantage of installations with cabinet equipment already installed.


1N without regulation

The electronic equipment delivers 100% of the power with no option to be regulated. If there is any fluctuation in the line voltage, the equipment compensates the supply current of the Istanium LED modules to maintain the luminous flux (input voltage from 208 to 277 Vac). Similarly, if the electrical cabinet has a flow regulation unit at the head, the unit will not regulate the lamp (an Istanium LED luminaire with CAD regulation is required).


1-10 Regulation governed by protocol 1-10V

The electronic equipment delivers the output power to the Istanium LED modules according to the level indicated by the 1-10 signal (normally delivered by a remote management device).


DALI regulation governed by DALI protocol

The electronic equipment delivers the output power to the Istanium LED modules according to the level indicated by the DALI signal (normally delivered by a remote management device).



Totally dustproof. Protected against water jets.



Totally dustproof. Protected against strong jets of water or heavy seas.



Protection against external mechanical impact of 5 J of energy and 1.7 Kg/295 mm of mass and height of the striking piece.

Materials and Finishes


Die-cast aluminum


Fixation System

Galvanized and painted steel sheet


Closure system

Painted die-cast aluminum lever



Shatterproof Flat Clear Tempered Glass



Die-cast aluminum

Regulations and Certification

UNE-EN 62031

LED modules for general lighting. Security requirements.


UNE-EN 60598-1

luminaries. Part 1: General requirements and tests.


UNE-EN 60598-2-3

Public lighting luminaires. Part 2: corresponding to the particular type of luminaire under study


UNE-EN 62493

Evaluation of lighting equipment in relation to human exposure to electromagnetic fields.


UNE-EN 61000-2-3

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 3-2: Limits. Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment with input current <= 16 A per phase).


UNE-EN 61000-3-3

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 3-3: Limits. Limitation of voltage variations, voltage fluctuations and flicker in public low voltage supply networks for equipment with rated current <= 16 A per phase and not subject to conditional connection.


UNE-EN 55015

Limits and methods of measurement of the characteristics related to radioelectric disturbance of lighting equipment and similar


UNE-EN 61547

Lighting equipment for general use. Requirements relating to EMC immunity.


UNE-EN 61347-2-13

Lamp control devices. Part 2-13: Particular requirements for electronic control devices powered with direct current or alternating current for LED modules.


UNE-EN 62471:2009

Photobiological safety of lamps and devices that use lamps.


UNE-EN 50581

Technical documentation for the evaluation of electrical and electronic products with regard to the restriction of hazardous substances

Color Temperature


Neutral white light



Warm white light



Soft white light


XDL 2,200K

Extra warm white light.



Phosphor-Converted Amber.

Technical characteristics

Protection degree   IK08 - IP66


Certificates CE

Weight   11,5 kg

Color temperatures   NDL 4.000 K, WDL 3.000 K, SDL 2.700 K, APC

Color rendering index   >70

Upper hemisphere flow    <1% (zonas E1)

LED Duration (L90 B10 a Ta=25 ºC y Tj=95 ºC)   100.000 h

Photometric distribution (Optics)   RG/ RJ/ RA/ RE/ AE/ AG/ SA/ TRF/ TRI/ TA/ CIN/ CME/ CMM/ EW/ RF/ RW

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