Simon iO Ecosystem

Technology has transformed how we interact with one another, with objects and, consequently, with spaces. Simon’s iO system allows you to create connected spaces. It links all the smart home devices, even your smartphone, so you can easily create a world of unique experiences adapted to your lifestyle, easily and without having to modify the installation.

Ecosistema Simon iO

Simon iO App

The Simon iO App lets you easily and intuitively configure the whole new iO ecosystem: from iO mechanisms to desired experiences.


Simon Hub Pro iO

The door to the Simon iO universe. The first Hub iO has evolved into the Simon Hub Pro iO. It stores all the information about your installation, mechanisms, as well as experience and time scheduling configuration; and now offers a range of functions that weren't available in the previous version.

Set up your Smarthome

Set up and get a quote for Simon iO products to create unique experiences in your Smarthome

Configurador Smarthome
Having a smart home is now possible.

Today, it’s possible to have a smarter home. Simon opens that door. In short, having a smart home will make your life substantially easier. Simon iO is a simple and user-friendly home remote control that uses the z-wave wireless communication protocol, a necessary step for home automation. 


The first series to use Simon iO


Simon 100 is the first collection of switches and sockets to integrate the iO system. This allows you to interconnect your devices and to give your spaces a new dimension. It allows you to make them your own; to control them in the simplest and most efficient way for daily use.


This series opens up a new dimension: accessible, simple and user-friendly home automation, including programming.


Easy to install 


You can do all of this without have to change the wiring or installation in your home. All the necessary elements are there, you just need to connect the devices through a mobile app. It’s a treat to set up the system for an installation so quickly and easily. 




In the Simon iO website catalogue you will find products such as the new conventional installation switch that can be made smart. This is the first digital touch response switch, designed to be used even with your eyes closed. 


Simon 100 electric mechanisms are made to make the interaction between people and their homes easier than ever before. That’s why they’re the most intuitive and easiest to use. Because at Simon, we’re always looking for ways to encourage your daily well-being.  


Plus, its horizontal rocker and touch response provide maximum interaction surface. The rockers always remain in the same position. The matrix arrangement of the rockers is more user-friendly and easier to remember. This series won’t go unnoticed. The reviews of Simon 100 are excellent.


"The Internet of Things"


The Simon iO universe is based on the so-called “Internet of things.” Switches have gone from being analogue to digital for the first time in history. Without a doubt, they’re an excellent choice.