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The beginning of everything
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Create connected spaces

Simon 100 is the first collection to integrate the Simon iO system and the first to enter the IoT universe. You can create connected spaces and link smart devices to fill a world of experiences without modifying the installation. 

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Simon Hub Pro iO, the brain behind your iO installation

The Simon Hub Pro iO is an evolution of the first version of the Hub iO. It stores all the information about your installation, devices, as well as experience and time scheduling configuration; and now offers a range of functions that weren't available in the previous version.

simon hub pro io
Simon 100 iO Architecture
sin wifi

Workplace solutions without home Wi-Fi


Simon iO devices use protocols based on wireless standards. So you can group and interconnect the installation's existing devices and link them to the digital world. All automated from the Simon Hub Pro iO socket. 

Workplace solutions with home Wi-Fi. Remote control.


Control your home from wherever you are. The Simon Hub Pro iO socket is the essential component that opens the door to this digital universe. Choose what you want to come home to: turn on lights, lower blinds and turn on the heating. All to your liking, from your mobile phone. 

con wifi
Remote control
Presence simulation
Blinds centralization
Blinds control
Light regulation
Control devices plugged in
Consumption control
Ignition ramps
simon 100 iO
Simon iO Universe

The Simon iO App lets you easily and intuitively configure the whole new iO universe: blinds, switches, thermostats and experiences. Intuitively control things like the temperature or lighting from your mobile phone, no matter where you are.

Simon iO App

Download the Simon iO app now to start configuring and customising your whole installation with Simon iO. Available for all Android and iOS devices.

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simon 100 master
Master: Your wish is their command.

Start creating. These mechanisms let you activate the created experiences with the simple touch of a rocker, and can be associated with a device for easy on/off switching. This way, you can, for example, dim lights or control blinds from various points.


Much more than a push-button switch

You can control features with the iO Master Switch, the iO Master Dimmer Switch and the iO Master Blinds Switch. But Simon 100 also offers complementary iO master switches: the Double Master Switch, which allows total on and off features and lets you control multiple experiences, and the Battery-Powered Master Switch, with doesn’t require electrical installation since it has a frame-holder that sticks to any surface.

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Simon 100 iO Components

Highlighted products

iO Socket Outlet

Limit the power use of all the connected devices such as lamps, gaming consoles, etc

iO Switch

Control motor or light charging and schedule them

iO Dimmer Switch

Dim the lights in your home and create switching on and off ramps

iO Blinds Switch

Calibrate the raising and lowering time of blinds, awnings and curtains

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