Urban luminaires

Light to embellish and humanise the city, which become part of the urban skyline and contribute to its light identity, shaping every facet of the public space.

Simon Skat M

Simon Enif Istanium LED Urban luminaire in die-cast aluminium.

Simon Merak SYF

Simon MERAK SYF Istanium LED decorative urban luminaire

Simon Altair IYF

Simon ALTAIR IYF Istanium LED urban decorative luminaire made of die-cast aluminium, with Y-shaped post-top fastening.

Simon lights outdoor spaces at the new Sant Antoni Market

For this project, a model with neutral lines and a simple appearance was designed to show off the building. The Kelp design combines rectangular arms with a cylindrical pole offering a clean finish, with no visible screws or mechanical elements, integrating Altair luminaires in the pedestrian areas, and Merak luminaires for the road areas, including more than 50 lighting points surrounding the building.


Urban series

Simon urban luminaires are the best lighting solution for public roads. They’re manufactured with the best materials, offering the highest quality finishes and extreme protection against knocks, scuff marks, and the weather itself. 

When it comes to urban lighting, the requirements are high, starting with resistance and durability, but also in terms of light quality. 

Maximum efficiency

These luminaires are truly energy efficient, emitting strong light flux in all cases. No electricity is lost in the process, they make the most of energy. Simon urban luminaires have a long service life: up to 50,000 hours. This is thanks to the best LED technology, which allows us to extend the longevity of each luminaire with an unprecedented service life. 

These urban luminaires have extremely innovative concepts. For example, they offer the benefit of thermal dissipation and management, and a cooling system that prevents overheating, which is essential considering the spaces where this type of lighting is installed. This is achieved through invisible fins that guarantee the product’s maximum service life and optimal performance in these sorts of environments. 

Urban luminaires: our designs

Simon offers you the chance to choose between different models and designs, from minimalist models to urban luminaires with neutral and timeless designs and, of course, the most innovative and cutting-edge designs. 

Likewise, you’ll find different alternatives in terms of colour temperature, light flux and different cover types. In short, a truly complete collection of luminaires for public urban lighting, offering all kinds of solutions for different public and even private environments. 

Applications: What spaces are they ideal for?

They can be applied to endless urban environments. Urban lighting for streets, zebra crossings, parks, gardens, outdoor car parks, squares or commercial areas. Some of these urban luminaires can also be installed in the outdoor garden spaces of homes. 

Finally. Here's our collection of urban luminaires with different options to create an unbeatable network of public lighting. Enjoy high lighting performance and maximum visual comfort in the most complex environments.