Road light luminaires

Our collection of road light luminaires provides the safety, sustainability and functionality necessary for vehicles and people to move around on any type of road.

Simon Nath S

Simon NATH Istanium LED Road Light luminaire, die-cast aluminium, lateral/adjustable post-top fastening.

It provides necessary public lighting with maximum efficiency.

Simon Altair IXF

Simon ALTAIR IXF Istanium LED Road Light luminaire, die-cast aluminium and fastening

Simon Merak SXF

Compact luminaire with a flat cover and an internal LED cooling system

Simon Istanium LED Technology

Istanium® LED technology allows us to enjoy the night sky. It reduces the level of glare by keeping the light source hidden from view since all the LEDs are in a horizontal position covered by the optics. It applies the Advanced Optics system to Istanium® LED modules, maintaining uniform levels throughout the luminaire’s service life and manages to light just the desired area, keeping intrusive light from natural areas.


Visual comfort, self-cleaning, maximum efficiency and a compact design, aimed at optimising its technical features. You’ll find the most highly-requested LED road lighting solutions in Simon’s catalogue.  

Applications and uses

You’ll find specific solutions for zebra crossings, pavements, squares, car parks or commercial areas within our urban lighting section. This type of road light luminaire focuses on covering even more specific needs, since they’re designed to light public roads. 

Features of these road light luminaires

Simon’s road light luminaires include the following series of benefits:

Advanced thermal management

Thanks to this feature, Simon’s different ranges of road light luminaires allow you to extend the service life of each road light luminaire, thanks to the implementation of invisible fins. These allow for optimum performance even in the most extreme situations, without affecting the luminaire’s longevity. 

Light quality and visual comfort with anti-glare

Environments related to public roads are highly demanding when it comes to light performance guaranteeing road safety. Simon road light luminaires comply with the strictest lighting requirements. 

Energy efficiency 

The best LED technology is applied to these luminaires. This is why their energy efficiency is extremely high. This is essential in environments where the light source is active for long periods of time and promotes reduced consumption.

Compact and stylish design 

The design of our street lamps for road lighting and LED lamps aims to promote and maximise their performance. Nevertheless, it's also important to have attractive luminaires that keep in mind the decorative aspect. 


The mechanism in these luminaires for public roads includes an innovative technical feature over other conventional road lights: its design allows self-cleaning and proper daily maintenance, enabling water to be discharged without damaging the luminaire. 

Orientation possibilities 

Simon road light luminaires include two fastening options: post-top fastening and lateral fastening, which provides greater flexibility to adapt to different environments. 

Choose your road light luminaire

At Simon, we invite you to discover the different models available in our catalogue. Check out all the technical features and the rest of the information so you can choose the road light luminaire that best fits your current needs.