Simon Istanium LED technology

Lighting is in our DNA


Without light pollution

Simon's R&D department has managed optimal control of upward light output as a result of the combination of the luminaire design and the optical group housing, or the advanced optical system. This combination keeps the sky dark and avoids intrusive light.

Istanium® LED technology—with an installed ULOR value of less than 1% in compliance with regulations—allows us to enjoy the night sky. The output of other lower performance luminaires produces high levels of light pollution.


Istanium® LED technology minimizes the glare level by keeping the light source out of direct sight, with all LEDs situated horizontally and covered by the optics.

This LED placement provides high visual comfort.


Lighting uniformity

Simon, a pioneer in innovation, applies the Advanced Optical system in the Istanium® LED modules to maintain the uniformity level throughout the life of the luminaire.


Simon's photometric portfolio allows us to direct light where it is needed while avoiding intrusive light.


The right amount of light

With Istanium® LED, you can illuminate only the desired area, avoiding intrusive light in natural areas.


This is achieved by matching the number of LEDs to the appropriate power current (350 mA, 530 mA, 700 mA or 1050 mA) and by using light flux regulation through various available systems.