Lighting points

Lighting to highlight specific points or spaces in the dark, providing security, creating ambience, and achieving aesthetic lighting in any outdoor space.


Lighting points

Lighting points are another solution for outdoor lighting. The Simon catalogue offers you with a wide range of possibilities. Solutions for greater security and a more stylish appearance, to create unique lighting atmospheres.

Where can they be used?

Outdoor lighting points are mainly intended for any type of road lighting solution or to support other urban luminaires. In this way, they can be used to cover various dark or low-visibility areas: pedestrian streets, crosswalks, pavement, squares, car parks or any type of commercial area.

They're an option for public lighting installations where appearance is important, or for environments where the luminaire is more than just functional.

Its primary function

The main objective or function of any luminaire in the public lighting network is to ensure safety on roads and pedestrian areas when natural light is absent or fading. The various quality criteria for street lighting are established by the corresponding European road safety standards.

And, an optimal system lets road users seamlessly distinguish different elements: people, obstacles and any other type of risk on the road or pedestrian crossings. This lets pedestrians and drivers see better on public roads, effectively reducing serious night-time accidents.

Additional outdoor lighting points: our models

In the Simon catalogue, you can discover our wide variety of high-quality and well-designed LED outdoor lighting points, which use the best LED technology and are manufactured with the best materials.

Add an extra lighting point to any corners and spaces that need one, thanks to the soft, homogeneous light from these stylish luminaires.

It’s also important to look at the technical features for each product, as well as our catalogues, where you can find complementary information for users.