Outdoor spotlight luminaires

Different luminaire formats designed to offer directed light that creates the perfect effect and sets the scene, highlighting the architectural elements we want to emphasise.

Simon Kos

Simon KOS Istanium LED Spotlight, model L, made of die-cast aluminium and bracket fastening. It provides necessary public lighting with maximum energy efficiency.

Mérida: lighting model for monuments and historical buildings

The Plaza de las Méridas del Mundo is one of the most iconic locations in this city in Extremadura, Spain. One of the aspects taken into account when implementing the lighting was the need for it to adapt to the different events that usually happen in the city.

So, they decided to install Simon spotlight luminaires based on the FOGO model, with the RGB optics to cover both the basic, social and demanding lighting needs that the city wants to meets.



The different ranges of spotlight luminaires provide necessary outdoor lighting and maximum energy efficiency for different public and private spaces. As you can see, there's a wide range of designs providing different solutions to choose the spotlight that best fits your needs. 


Although they fulfil different functions, these collections have certain features in common, such as:

Effective lighting

Possibility of assembly with several different photometric distributions for optimum light output, even when one breaks. 

The best materials

Die-cast aluminium to ensure the best resistance and longevity in the most complex environments and under the most extreme conditions. 

Orientation and fastening system

Different adjustment possibilities to direct the luminaire. 

The latest LED technology

Allowing high energy efficiency and a long service life, without affecting the number of times they can be switched on and off. 

<Advanced thermal management

These spotlights include a mechanism to properly cool and dissipate the heat generated, which guarantees that they'll never overheat. 

Automatic cleaning system

Enabling dirt and water evacuation is essential in these kinds of environments. The design of these spotlight luminaires aims to fulfil a self-cleaning and maintenance function. 

A compact and attractive design

These spotlights are both decorative and functional.


The great range of spotlight luminaires included in the Simon catalogue provides solutions for environments and spaces such as sports centres, building façades, bridges, tunnels, monuments and large venues for shows, trade shows or congresses, among many other applications. 

Variety of ranges and design

Are you looking for a spotlight? Simon offers a wide range in terms of geometric shapes, the features of the light emitted, the colour temperatures and other specific features. 

We invite you to discover our different spotlight luminaire ranges. Check out all the lighting features and other information that is of interest to users. If you need advice, please get in touch with our customer service.