Classic luminaires

Reinvented classic formats where the technology used allows us to design luminaires that respect the essence of tradition with solutions adapted to modern times.

Luminarias coloniales
Simon Praga

Simon Praga Istanium LED luminaire, die-cast aluminium, with excellent thermal conductivity. ¾ G post-top fastening, as well as suspended version or catenary version.

Simon Berlín

Simon Berlin Istanium LED luminaire, model M, made of die-cast aluminium. Adapted to Ø60 fastenings

Simon Bora

Simon BORA Istanium LED classic decorative urban luminaire in spin-formed aluminium with suspended fastening and die-cast aluminium fastening system.

Simon's Istanium LED technology

The Istanium® LED technology allows us to enjoy the night sky, it minimizes the level of glare by avoiding direct vision of the light source as all the LEDs are in a horizontal position covered by the optics, it applies the Advanced Optical system in the Istanium® modules LED allowing to maintain the level of uniformity throughout the life of the luminaire and it is possible to illuminate only the desired area, thus avoiding intrusive light in natural areas.



Conventional outdoor lighting, but with a modern design and up-to-date features. At Simon, we want to introduce you to our fantastic collections of classic luminaires and street lamps. 

Applications / uses

This type of luminaire is usually used in outdoor residential spaces as a garden lamp. They can also be installed on a porch or terrace, or even in a parking area. They can be perfectly applied to public environments, areas that require outdoor lighting such as squares, parks, green areas, pedestrian streets and commercial areas. 


What are the benefits of these types of classic luminaires? Here are some of them:

Low consumption 

The best LED technology, which guarantees savings of around 65%-70% compared to conventional luminaires. In environments that require so many hours of light, this is an important aspect to keep in mind. 


Another feature of state-of-the-art LED technology is its long service life. It can be up to fifty times longer than that of old street lamps. 

Optimum thermal management

Simon classic luminaires and street lamps include an internal refrigeration system through fins, which enables maximum light output throughout their extensive service life. 

Lighting uniformity and use

The same photometry to generate light and distribute it evenly. Thus, the loss of an LED due to malfunction only causes minimal loss of total flux in these classic luminaires, maintaining the same degree of uniformity.

Variety of designs

Simon offers purely classic designs (conventional street lamps) and some attractive variations, such as luminaires with a tapered cover. 


Choose your model

If you’re thinking about buying a classic luminaire for your garden or terrace, there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, how long the street lamp is going to be switched on under normal circumstances. Normally, these classic luminaires are switched on for several hours a day out in the open, which is why it’s essential that they comply with some minimum requirements. Simon classic luminaires far exceed these standards.

Another important factor that will determine the type and number of luminaires used is how much space must be covered.