Other mechanisms

All the elements and accessories needed to complete and protect an electric installation, with solutions that provide safety and energy savings.


Simon plug and power strips

Simon’s electric accessory catalogue includes a new range with distinguished plug and power strip products. These solutions aim to make the most of your spaces, with an extra-flat design using a nylon textile ribbon especially designed to withstand high voltages and to make removing products easier. 


Electric mechanisms, recessed boxes, centralisation and control systems and much more. Simon’s online catalogue covers all the needs users may have regarding their electric and electronic installations.


Other accessories


Socket outlets and boxes

At Simon, we offer a wide range of hanging and multiple socket outlets, plugs and much more. As you can see on our website, we also have different types of accessories such as wall-mounted boxes. They have a universal design so it’s easier to install them in a wall or hollow partition wall. With the best levels of safety and comfort.


Lamp holders

We also offer a wide range of lamp holders: lamp holders with a regular screw fitting, lamp holders with a goliath screw fitting, lamp holders for fluorescent lights, as well as a range of starter holders.


Connectors, plugs and socket outlets

You can also find connectors, socket plugs for different voltages, special socket plugs, socket outlets, surface-mounted power strips, special socket outlets, safety socket outlets and watertight socket outlets.


Movement detectors and alarms

These allow the user to save energy by switching the light on and off whenever they detect the presence of a person. That's why we offer a catalogue of technical alarms and power supply sources. Without a doubt, we have everything you need for a good installation in your home or office, or any space that needs it.


High resistance and guaranteed longevity


All without sacrificing quality. Quality is one of our trademarks, which is why all the products we offer are manufactured using the best materials.


Different electric installations and connections require different parts, elements and specific accessories, which can be found in this section.


If after looking through all the product information at your disposal you have any questions about how to use our accessories, get in touch,. Our customer service will be happy to help you.