Recessed electric mechanisms

Recessed switches and sockets are available in several materials, textures and colour ranges and can be perfectly integrated into different building elements.


LED dimmers

Find out why it is important to regulate the light, energy saving and usability of LED dimmers for the Simon 82 collection


At home, at the office, in hotels, in any building. Even in the most demanding spaces. At Simon we offer several switches and sockets series that share one feature: they’re recessed.


These different collections include a mechanism box placed in the wall through a simple installation process. They have an important benefit over other electric mechanisms: we can mount them and change the old ones easily, by just removing the old model and replacing it with a new one. You can verify this for any of the recessed series by checking the different features listed for each product. They'll also come with their own instruction manual.


Recessed boxes and mechanisms: series and types


We offer a wide range of types and models when purchasing the recessed switches and sockets series. Choose the model that best fits your needs, from multiple colour and shape options.


In our catalogue, you’ll find many products from different collections and ranges, like the ones that belong to the Simon 100 series. This is the new range of dimmer switches to control lighting at any time and from anywhere. With these switches, you’ll be able to dim any type of luminaire and create unique experiences at all times. Simon 100 is also the first collection of switches and sockets to integrate the Simon iO system. This allows you to interconnect your devices and to give your spaces a new dimension. And, you can fully customise them.


If you love spaces with great attention to detail, our recessed series features Simon 82 Detail, with dozens of recessed elements that inspire how you imagine and shape spaces or rooms. Proof that a functional element can become a design feature. Because details are what make a difference.


Another alternative are the recessed elements offered within the Simon 27 Play collection, an endless range of possibilities that’ll allow the user to create and customise each space to create a certain atmosphere.


Lastly, these elements and mechanisms are of the highest quality, because Simon always has the highest expectations.