Light dimmers

Dimmers and light controllers are essential when you want to create an attractive and energy-efficient lighting environment. A single luminaire with a dimmer is an ideal way to distinguish different areas. At Simon, we offer different lighting dimmers that adjust perfectly to users’ needs in all kinds of applications and contexts. We have versions that adapt perfectly to the home and other environments, such as hotel rooms or office spaces.

Light dimmers

How do they work?

A dimmer is a connector that's usually fixed or recessed into the wall (our light dimmers offer both options)and allows you to adjust the intensity of a light. This is done by manually adjusting the current voltage that reaches the lamp. The type of dimmer needed often depends on the type of lamp or light bulb.

It's extremely simple to use — like turning a radio button. Some of our dimmers come with a remote control, making it easier to dim the lights from anywhere in the room.


Energy efficiency and convenience of use

At Simon, we favour convenience and always try to avoid wasted light. For this reason, we offer light dimmer mechanisms that control the light intensity we want at a specific time and place, avoiding the inconveniences of having too much or to little light in any given situation.


To this end, our catalogue also includes a series of 2-way rotary dimmer switches of different intensities from different series within the Simon brand.

This rotary function means that the light dimmers are very easy to use. They're also suitable for both surface and recessed mounting. If you prefer a push-button switch to adjust light intensity, that's an option too. We also offer light timers.


Our dimmers include electronic components with halogen-free thermoplastic insulation, which makes them suitable for incandescent and halogen loads.