Series for demanding environments

Products especially designed to be applied in public areas or environments that require more secure mechanism handling.


Keyed switch: the perfect solution for demanding environments

One of the problems posed by demanding environments is the need to increase the security of available switches. There are several solutions depending on the specific needs of each environment. However, when the main challenge of these types of spaces is security, the best option is certainly to choose a keyed switch. 


Simon always offers great-quality products, but even more in demanding environments. We mean spaces and rooms that may face extremely adverse conditions daily, areas that may be subject to flooding, damp or high temperatures. In general, any space that's open to the outdoors, as well as some specific indoor settings. 


Simon series for the most demanding environments


For this special mission, our online catalogue offers two switches and sockets series that’ll help you cover these strict requirements: The Simon 44 Aqua series and the Simon 27 Scudo series. 


The Simon 44 Aqua series is highly versatile and offers a wide range of functions, including IP55 protection against dust and the build-up of dirt, and protection of switches against water and inclement weather. 


Ideal for applications in gardens, terraces, car parks, swimming pools, kitchens, industrial toilets and sports facilities. Also, these series works as protection for Simon 27 mechanisms that are exposed to inclement weather. So, they’re protected from environmental conditions, against water, dust and dirt.


Furthermore, the Simon 27 Scudo series has a compact design that protects it from knocks and continued use over time. It's compatible with mechanisms from the Simon 27 collection. The ideal product for applications where the mechanism is installed in environments with significant traffic of people and/or which require protection from tampering. 


Examples of applicable environments


In this case, these mechanisms are perfect for educational centres, hospitals, airports and transport stations, sports centres and gyms, businesses, offices, homes, neighbourhood communities, hotels, libraries and museums, or laboratories. 


If the electric installation is located is one of these environments, it’ll definitely require this type of mechanism. And if, after looking at our online catalogue, you still have questions about the best design or type of mechanism for your installation, do get in touch. Our customer service will be happy to help you make the best choice that fits your needs.