Centralising mechanisms allows multiple functions to be integrated into a minimum space, customising the set according to the application environment and the needs of users.


Centralisations with Simon 82 Nature

Centralisation 82 mechanisms can be installed with Simon 82 and 82 Nature appearances, a series that complements previous ones and is available with surface-mounted and recessed installation.




We’ve always said that sometimes it’s better to centralise the switches of the electric installations than to have them spread out across the building, because you never know when you might need to switch on or off any given section within a building. This is why we present the ‘Centralisations’ section from Simon. 


What does this section of our online catalogue include? Two different centralisation series. The main distinguishing feature between them is the design, given that one is more conventional and the other more modern. 


The first is the Simon 27 Centralisations series. As you can see in the online catalogue, this a series that complements the mechanisms from the Simon 27 series. It allows you to incorporate multiple functions in less space. Ideal for work environments. Available in one, two and three rows, with the capacity for up to eight functions for each row. There are two types of fastenings. A surface-mounted box with a snap-fit frame-holder and recessed box with a screw-fix frame-holder.


The Simon 82 centralisations series also has a more contemporary design. 

The mechanisms in this series of products extend the installation options with the Simon 82 and 82 Nature appearances. Likewise, the functions of this centralisation series feature switches, rockers and covers, frames, TV/RJ/Multimedia jacks, control systems, light dimming and blinds control, and many more. 


Quality is one of our trademarks, which is why all the mechanisms and centralisation systems we suggest are manufactured using the best materials. At our company we want the best for the consumer, and that comes with optimum quality and the best price. 


Do you need a centralisation system? Stop thinking about it and choose from the ones we’ve shown you! We’re sure none of them will let you down. Still, after looking at our online catalogue you may have questions about the best design or type of mechanism for proper installation. If this is the case, get in touch. Our customer service will be happy to help you choose the perfect centralisation system for any project you have in mind. You won’t regret it.