Button panels

Thanks to the keypads compatible with Simon's KNX and LON systems, we can enjoy the benefits of having active spaces that adapt to our needs. KNX and LON are the most commonly used open control systems on the market when it comes to home automation.

Thanks to our bus coupling units for the KNX system and the LON system, we can easily turn an electrical system into a smart system, letting you control different keypad functions.

These Simon keypads stand out for their functionality, design and a minimalist and stylish appearance where less is more. It's a product designed to be easily used by the user.



Lighting control keypads for KNX/LON systems

By installing these keypads, you'll have complete control over lighting spaces. You can adjust the intensity of artificial lighting automatically based on the intensity of outdoor light.

We can configure different lighting profiles according to the needs of each situation, which provides us with much more energy-efficient lighting and greater electricity savings at home or work.

Perfect temperature control

Optimising energy resources is essential. With these temperature control keypads, we can set up different configurations depending on the season and the needs of each room.

Your home turns into an optimised, more environmentally-friendly smart space, given that this temperature control system switches on or off based on whether or not people are present.

More controls from the same point

We can also have complete control over the security systems of a single-family home or building from the same point.

Thanks to Simon’s technology, we'll be able to control the blinds too. It's automatic, so we'll be able to enjoy the first rays of sunshine as we wake up, without even having to get out of bed.

Discover all the benefits of installing Simon keypads for KNX or LON control systems. Enjoy spaces that are smarter, more active and more environmentally friendly.