Lighting control

Lighting control allows the space to be modelled and adjusted according to people’s needs, the time of day, the amount of natural light, the activity, the atmosphere, or the emotion to be felt. We can customise shades, create endless effects, define colours and design static or dynamic scenes, using just the right amount of light.

Simon Sense

The Sense collection is compatible with installations based on LonWorks, KNX and Simon Scena systems for controlling smart homes and buildings.

Simon iO

Simon iO. The beginning of everything. You can create connected spaces and link.

Simon Scena

Transform homogeneous and uniform spaces into heterogeneous and full of contrast with unlimited light effects and using the light you need.

Lighting control systems: sustainable buildings and smart lighting

Lighting control systems are a solution used with all kinds of lighting technology. They allow you to control any artificial lighting system in a practical, simple and customisable way. 


Everyday there are more electric systems and electronic devices in our homes. Many of them significantly improve our quality of life. A clear example is the lighting control systems offered by Simon.

In addition to their ease of use and the comfort they provide users, they offer a wide range of solutions and benefits in terms of energy efficiency and design. It's possible to control and dim light effectively. And it's also possible to create atmospheres full of character for each room in our home. 

Functionality, appearance and a more welcoming and personal home. Accessories and products like the ones presented in this section are required for home lighting control systems.


Simon Scene technology comes into play with its fabulous lighting control system. These consoles are essential for easy handling and full control. With a simple and intuitive interface, the Touch Light Manager offers a wide range of solutions to customise different rooms in the home through a play on light to create independent settings full of magic and warmth.


We offer keypads with KNX, LON and DMX coupling units. We will also show you keypads for the home with on/off functions. Each keypad comes with its set of accessories: coupling unit, cable and instructions. You'll be able to choose between keypad models with several function buttons and Slide Control, to easily use them with a light sliding motion.


All kinds of dimmers and electronic switches for light control (DALI, PMV, wire phase cut, 1-10 V) at your disposal. A really interesting selection of dimmers, mainly for home use. Their extreme sensitivity is a treat when using these mechanisms. 


Accessories and drivers necessary for Simon lighting control systems. Find what you need to install, update or improve the performance of your lighting control gear.


All products come with an instruction manual, but if you need technical advice, our specialists are happy to help at a moment’s notice. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.