3 - 8 March 2024, Frankfurt

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Simon is the head of an industrial group specialized in technological solutions for lighting, light control, connectivity and electrical materials for retail, hospitality, workplaces and residential projects. In all these fields, Simon Company maintains a firm commitment to design, innovation and sustainability.​

Switch on lights. Switch off emissions.


We design solutions that use technology at the service of people and their emotions.​ Control of lighting, blinds and temperature allows you to model your home and adjust it to the needs of people.

Smart home.

Each home shines with its own light.


Personalized environments adapted to you and yours.


Technology has transformed the way we relate to each other, to objects and, by extension, to spaces. Simon iO Home allows you to create connected spaces.


Universal USB chargers

Switches and sockets collections with a big range of USB chargers and techology Power Delivery  that provides power levels superior to devices connected up to 30W both in the port A as in port C.


Electric Vehicle chargers

A whole lifetime at your house with our switches and sockets collections. Now, we can also be at your parking.



Conectivity, lighting and control solutions for workplaces that adapt to new ways of working while transform spaces into flexible multipurpose areas to offer maximum comfort, well-being and energy savings.

Healthier and sustainable smart workspaces with our Lighting Control System

Installing a lighting control system has multiple benefits. Being able to synchronize lighting with natural light provides greater comfort for workers throughout the day. It also promotes energy efficiency by creating more sustainable spaces.


Indoor Lighting

We design products in order to generate greater well-being.

Our technology and lighting solutions are capable of adapting to any atmosphere or need that requires each workplace.

Connectivity for Workplaces

We understand the workplace revolution and we make it posible offering the best solution in each specific space depending on their attributes/features. We are able to transform a working environment into a versatile and flexible space.


Control and manage spaces to offer the best experience and maximum comfort to your guests. Our solutions, which combine design and functionality, create pleasant environments and promote efficient energy use.

Greater guest comfort with Simon iO Hotel

Hotel rooms can be digitized with Simon iO Hotel, the solution that offers maximum guest comfort and allows sharing information with the hotel's PMS.


Indoor lighting

The importance of playing with color temperature or light intensity to create cozy atmospheres with luminaires that integrate into the design and architectural style.