Simon 82 Concept: the elegance of the design
22 April 2020

The new matt finishes and new colour combinations of Simon 82 Concept are designed to blend into any space. Because we know no two spaces are the same, but we've created a design that's easy to blend into all of them.

Architectural collection that fully blends in with

Simple, functional designs that blend into different environments. Frames with minimal curvature and rockers with straight lines, which feel better to the touch while focusing on the user interface.


Learn more about the new S82 Concept finishes

New matt finishes

SINGLE COLOUR finishes in matt white, matt black, titanium and aluminium. BICOLOUR, with rockers in these colours in frames with grey, champagne or gold finish. And new features and pre-assembled sets.


A minimal change that changes everything

At Simon, we want our collections to be as compatible as possible. If you have Simon 31, Simon 88, Simon 75 or Simon 82, you can have Simon 82 Concept just by changing the rocker or cover and the frame.