Happy Holidays
17 December 2023

For our Christmas greeting for 2023, 


For the year-end festivities, we have chosen the act of sharing as one of the most important values that make us unique, both individually and collectively.


The message "Share your light" takes centre stage on a background full of stars as points of light that symbolise the people who are part of the Simon universe, united under this same message encouraging us to give the best that each one of us has inside.
It is this same act of reciprocity that has defined Simon since its beginnings over a hundred years ago. Since then, Simon has been sharing light to reach every home, transmitting a whole world of emotions that illuminate the stages of life for thousands of people around the world.


Simon is the sum of the talent, effort, commitment and vision of all the people who form part of it and who have in common a unique way of understanding our role in people's lives.


We hope this message conveys our desire for you to share with others that light you carry inside; that light that guides you, ignites you and excites you in the way you feel most yours: making a gift to a loved one, having a pleasant conversation with a stranger or with an act of kindness to a person who you cross paths with, and countless other ways.


Because sharing is the best way to enjoy life and to face the exciting challenges that a new year will bring, together.


Simon wishes you a very happy holiday season.