100 years of improving cities through light
19 July 2022
SImon lighting

This year, Simon celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first company dedicated to outdoor lighting, which joined the group to provide lighting solutions to serve towns and their inhabitants.

Simon celebrates the centenary of Industrias Eléctricas Puig, the first Spanish company specialising in lighting reflectors founded in 1922, which became part of the group.

This incorporation, together with Light Led years later, enabled the company to specialize in street lighting, as well as the subsequent creation of the company's own Istanium LED technology. Since then, Simon has built up a solid industrial know-how supported by a process of constant innovation in the service of people, which translates all this expertise into unique and lasting solutions. During this period of growth and expansion of the business unit, Simon's outdoor lighting has been consolidated both nationally and internationally, establishing production in Argentina in 1997, incorporating into the group the Brazilian company TecnoWatt in 1999 and purchasing installations and manufacturing public lighting in Mexico in 2004.


Lighting in outdoor spaces should be adapted as much as possible to the needs of the people who live and walk through them, the time of day, the season of the year and the functions or activities they carry out. Working from this understanding, Simon proposes environments with customized lighting that inspires moods, highlights the architecture and creates unique environments, generating atmospheres of well-being.


The outdoor lighting product range has four main categories: Road, Urban, Classic and Spotlight luminaires. Some of the great lighting products that are now part of urban landscapes and environments are Nath, Merak, Iraya and Skat, to name just a few. The Praga luminaire also stands out, which, with its classic design, is the ideal choice for old town centres and historic town environments.




During these 100 years, design has been the spirit that has driven us to currently offer a product range featuring over 30 luminaires and 50 supports and lighting points, for both private and public environments, and with a variety of applications: road lights, urban series, classic, spotlight or signalling lights and beacons. Flexibility, durability, easy installation and sustainability are our products’ hallmarks, as well as meticulous design that has been recognized with national and international awards such as the IF Design Award, the Reddot Award, the X Plus Award or the Delta Awards, among others.


The Boqueria Market in Barcelona with the Simon Loregon suspended industrial spotlight; the Plaza de las Méridas and the aqueduct in Mérida with the Simon Fogo RGB spotlight, which creates coloured light shows on its walls, or the Transolímpica motorway in Brazil with the Nath road light luminaire, are just some examples of iconic projects that improve the environment and the quality of life of its inhabitants by humanizing the spaces.


All these projects and many more can be found in Simon's book of outdoor lighting projects, which will be published during this centennial year, along with other celebratory events to raise Simon’s profile among citizens, managers, technical designers, installers or public specifiers, with some of these events taking place at The House of Light. This new flagship space, which sets the tone for Simon's vision of the future, is at the forefront of everything related to the culture of light, from a technological, industrial, conceptual and emotional standpoint.


Simon has been illuminating cities, moments, stories, roads... for 100 years, but above all, using light to create emotions