Voice and data flat plate with dust cover for 1 element for 1 RJ45 compatible other manufacturers graphite Simon K45

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Version:  Single
Number of modules:  Half
Format:  RJ45
Plate type:  Flat
Snap-fit type:  Keystone I, II, ATT®/Avaya®
Compatible with connectors:  Simon®, ADC Krone® KM8 Keystone Series, AMP netconnect® Standard Series 110, SL110, SL Toolless, 216000 and 216005, BeldenCDT® Giga Flex Keystone Series, Brand-Rex®, Ersys®, General Cable®, Molex®, Nexans® Essential Keystone Series,Ortronics® Clarity TechChoice Keystone Series, Panduit® Netkey Series, R&M® Advance Cat6A Series (R509508, R509509), Rit®, Siemon® MAX Keystone Series, Systimax® and manufacturers of RJ45 with snap-fit based on Keystone I and II format.
Available in:  Plate for 1 and 2 RJ45 connectors
Dust shutter:  Yes
RJ45 adaptor module:  Included in voice and data plate
RJ45 connectors:  Not included in voice and data plate
Finish:  Graphite
KIT availability:  No
Compatibility:  Simon K45 enclosures for installation in the wall, floor, ceiling and furniture and Simon 500 Cima enclosures (need to be combined with the K45 to 500 Cima adaptor ref.50012088-038)
Packaging contents:  Flat voice and data plate with dust cover
Remarks:  When combining the voice and data plate in vertical housings (mini columns, columns, Teleblock, channels, mechanism holders, etc.) you must use the 90º positioner (ref. K66) to guide the plate into a vertical position.


Dimensions:  45 x 45 mm
Depth:  8.5 mm
IP rating:  20
RAL:  7021
Manufacturing material:  Thermoplastic halogen free; guarantees the no-propagation of the flame in case of fire and the low toxicity in case of smoke
Type of product:  Standard
Market available:  CE


Regulations:  Directive 2011/65/UE RoHS + EN 50173-1:2011 + EN 50581:2012 + IEC 60603-7-2 Ed 2.0*1 + IEC 60603-7-3 Ed 2.0*2 + IEC 60603-7-4 Ed 2.0*3 + IEC 60603-7-5 Ed 2.0*4


Installation type:  Suitable for surface and flush mounting
Installation direction:  Vertical according to the direction of the mechanisms
Removal of the plate:  Only with tool
Installable in flush mount junction box:  Universal, specific Simon K45 and specific Simon 500 Cima using adaptor (ref.50012088-038)
Temperature range during installation:  -5 to 60º C
Max. temp. during construction work:  +60º C
Maintenance:  Clean with a soft dry cloth. Do not use tissues and/or abrasive cleaners containing chlorine.


Available in display box:  Yes
Packaging quantity:  20
Box measurement unit:  MM
Height:  70.000
Wide:  93.000
Depth:  140.000
Box volume:  0.911
Box volume measurement unit:  CDM
Net weight of box:  0.220
Gross weight of box:  4.820
Unit weight of box:  KGM
EAN code:  8426436065819
Available in multiple box:  No
Available on pallet:  No



Voice and data flat plate with dust cover for 1 RJ45 connector Simon K45 graphite front view