Wall and ceiling luminaires

Collections that integrate light in walls and ceilings, allowing for general and decorative lighting, using individual luminaires or element compositions that extend across the space.

Simon Loop

Loop is a contemporary interpretation of OLED technology. It creates spaces with shapes and light, adding a unique personality to any space, transforming the concept of “lighting” and offering

Simon Mood

Mood turns the vertical and horizontal planes into elements that acquire a new architectural dimension, integrating the light source into the wall as if it were part of it.

Controlling and digitizing light has never been easier.

With Simon, the light adapts to each moment; to each person. Use our interfaces or the App iO Simon, to define the nuances of the light; from intensity to on or off time. And even the creation of special and unique experiences.


A system that adapts to your needs. Compatible with all control and lighting technologies without the need to modify your traditional installation.


Simon’s ranges of wall and ceiling luminaires cover different needs, so it’s possible to combine them to create unique environments full of personality. Luminaires for general lighting, accent lighting and ambient lighting capable of creating positive feelings and emotions in users. Efficiency and maximum lighting performance at your disposal. 


Simon presents its functional and compact ranges of wall-mounted luminaires. Aesthetic and energy-efficient solutions. 


This collection of wall-mounted luminaires is the support you need for general lighting, which often doesn’t reach certain spaces, such as halls, landings and other areas that may require ambient and accent lighting, such as receptions or counter spaces. Square and rectangular versions: the first, with flood optics, is perfect to highlight contours and accentuate light in certain specific points; the rectangular version provides soft light effects thanks to its diffuse optics.


Different compact models with a neutral, timeless design to light certain dark areas or ones that may require extra lighting. This is the case of halls, stairways, entrance halls and other transit or access areas. The benefit of this range is that it includes versions with presence detection, which provides greater energy savings since it’s only activated when necessary.


The ceiling luminaires in the 850 range include a modern, stylish design to create cutting-edge environments full of life and unique style. The perfect solution for general lighting in commercial premises with high ceilings. They can also be installed in offices, hotels, restaurants or museums.


This series of products provides stylish lighting that can be used for general and accent lighting. It allows you to categorise and arrange spaces, making users pay attention to the areas or elements they want to highlight. This is why they’re usually used in customer service and reception areas, as well as certain points in hotels, restaurants, food shops and retail spaces.