Modular ceiling luminaires

Modular luminaires for all kinds of false ceilings, offering comfortable and high performance lighting. Biodynamic versions adapt and synchronise their light with the sun’s circadian cycle.

Simon 720

The 720 range integrates into all false ceiling systems, in both flat or modular profiles.

Simon 730

730 luminaires are highly efficient and offer great visual comfort and light quality

How to improve productivity with biodynamic light

One of the most important aspects of trying to improve productivity is the ambient light you work with. Light has a direct impact on humans’ physical and neural activity, so properly adjusting it to each situation and need will improve efficiency and productivity throughout the day.


Compact design, great visual comfort and high efficiency, with a wide range of options according to your needs. Simon offers ranges of modular ceiling luminaires, endless solutions for those looking for long-lasting general lighting, high lighting performance and low consumption. 

Each of these ranges has different applications, but they all respond to several common needs. Firstly, the need for lighting that is comfortable for the eyes, as well as the possibility of integrating each luminaire within modular and scalable systems, especially in false ceilings that require specific solutions like these. 

720 Biodynamic Range

With this family of products, we promote the good mood of workers, regulating the circadian cycle to contribute to better performance and comfort. State-of-the-art biodynamic modular lighting A modular ceiling luminaire, perfect for infrastructures such as health centres, educational centres, warehouses or industrial facilities, among others. 

730 range

High efficiency and the best lighting quality for false ceiling installations. This range includes versions with opal or prismatic diffuser (and several opening angles), as well as different dimming options: On-Off, DALI and 1-10 V. Lastly, you’ll find models with CLC, an emergency kit and biodynamic versions designed to increase the productivity of work environments. 

720 Advance range

The perfect solution for environments that require great visual comfort, such as offices. This luminaire collection offers an innovative design that fits perfectly in false ceilings. As with the other ranges, there are several versions with different optics with transparent, opal or low glare diffuser. In terms of options to control and dim the light, users can choose between DALI or 1-10 V. 

726 range

These modular ceiling luminaires cover different needs and solutions for metal false ceilings. Their optical system allows you to better control glare and light each corner of the room evenly and homogeneously, no matter how large the space is. Thanks to its dimming options, On-Off, 1-10 V and DALI, it perfectly adapts to the lighting needs of each situation.