Linear luminaires

Linear lighting that extends across the architecture, covering both functional and decorative needs. Integrated within all kinds of constructive elements and furniture, customising lighting effects and the light itself.

Simon Slim System

Slim System modules are customisable, flexible and versatile lighting structures that trace their lines in the three dimensions of space, blending into the architecture thanks to their form and light.

Controlling and digitizing light has never been easier.

With Simon, the light adapts to each moment; to each person. Use our interfaces or the App iO Simon, to define the nuances of the light; from intensity to on or off time. And even the creation of special and unique experiences.


A system that adapts to your needs. Compatible with all control and lighting technologies without the need to modify your traditional installation.


At Simon, we’d like to introduce you to our collection of linear luminaires. These linear luminaires are perfect for highlighting, delimiting and adding nuance to the interior architecture of a specific room. We therefore generate different light effects through ambient and accent lighting, for furniture, contours, alcoves, bathing walls or playing with light through colour. 

Ranges of linear luminaires

Simon presents its range of linear luminaires. We offer versions with opal and transparent diffusers. Different lengths with the possibility to interconnect them during installation. 

This type of interior linear strips is the perfect substitute for conventional fluorescent luminaires, in terms of energy efficiency, visual comfort and lighting performance. 

810 range

The Flex 810 LED range provides users with the chance to use these linear luminaire models as ambient or decorative lighting, especially in areas such as halls, reception rooms or transit areas, as well as for elements such as shelves, glass cabinets, counter spaces or any other room or corner that needs a stylish innovative design to complement existing general lighting. You can choose between different versions depending on the finish of the optics, opal or transparent. 

815 range

Linear luminaires from the Ledline 815 range also provide decorative or ambient lighting, and can highlight or nuance certain elements or areas similar to those in the 810 range, although their design and functionalities include certain distinguishing features that you can discover in this section. Models available in two different lengths with the possibility to interconnect them. 


Simon linear luminaires offer an innovative and stylish design. This style can be extended to different elements or areas to highlight or outline their contours thanks to their subtle and evocative light. 

These light sources provide uniform light, ensuring that it won’t flash and will work at maximum capacity in a stable manner. With no glare or shadows. 

Also, it’s perfectly compatible with other luminaires, especially those aimed at general lighting. Lastly, we couldn’t forget to mention its extremely high efficiency. Despite its excellent light output, LED technology consumes much less energy than other conventional light sources. It also emits less heat, has no IR radiation and is safer and more environmentally-friendly, since the lights don't contain mercury.