Lighting systems

Lighting systems allow you to create customised compositions by combining different elements to create lighting solutions that are formally adapted to the needs of each project.

Simon Drop

Drop is the range of spotlights that allows us to create flexible and versatile lighting structures that define spaces, highlighting the essential details.

Controlling and digitalising light has never been easier.

With Simon, light adapts to each moment, to each person. Use our interfaces or the Simon iO app to define the nuances of light, from the intensity to the switching on and off times. You can even create special, unique experiences.


A system that adapts to your needs. Compatible with all control technology and luminaires, with no need to modify your conventional installation.


Stylish and functional lighting systems that make the lighting the star of any show. Simon presents its Slim System Drop and Simon 810 ranges, for lighting projects that allow for maximum customisation, creating comfortable, attractive and unique spaces. 

Slim System Range

This range reflects the importance of designing interiors that revolve around lighting. A collection of luminaires capable of forming flexible, modular, versatile and adaptable lighting systems. These suspended luminaires can be dimmed to give the room the right level of lighting, with an opal diffuser that provides the space with a warm, welcoming appearance and undeniable elegance. 

Slim System is based on dimensionality and clean shapes that make light another element of the design while putting together a space. We offer a wide range with different colour temperatures (2,700K, 3,000K and 4,000K) and dimming and control modes, where you can choose between DALI one to one, on-board dimmer and 0-10 V. 

Drop Range

There's strength in subtlety. And this is a clear example. Simon’s Drop range offers users plenty of customisation options for projects where lighting systems are the main feature. It’s possible to play with these wall or ceiling luminaires, creating different effects using direct or indirect, uniform or point lighting, including blind sections that highlight the other lit elements. 

The lighting system consists of luminaires that integrate directional mechanisms connected through different supports. Mini size with a stylish modern design that adapts to different architectural lighting projects. Also, for greater customisation, you can choose between different colour temperatures (2700K-3000K-4000K) and light dimming and switching on and off controls (DALI one to one, 0-10V or on-board dimmer system). 

Simon 810 and Simon 815 ranges

With this range, Simon focuses on linear lighting systems that aim to highlight and contour the architecture of a space through ambient lighting full of warmth and visual comfort. They can be applied to furniture or specific areas, and used to bathe walls or create colour effects that customise the space. 

You can choose between models with opal or transparent optics and different designs that fit into the most diverse environments, using these lighting systems as a decorative reinforcement that complements the general lighting.