Industrial luminaires

Extremely efficient functional luminaires with high environmental protection, for lighting industrial environments, large commercial warehouses and spaces with high ceilings. 

Simon 816

816 suspended luminaire for industrial environments, large commercial warehouses and spaces with high ceilings.

Laboratory tests of our luminaires

The Istanium® LED technology allows us to enjoy the night sky, it minimizes the level of glare by avoiding direct vision of the light source as all the LEDs are in a horizontal position covered by the optics, it applies the Advanced Optical system in the Istanium® modules LED allowing to maintain the level of uniformity throughout the life of the luminaire and it is possible to illuminate only the desired area, thus avoiding intrusive light in natural areas.


The design and features of Simon industrial luminaires make them the ideal solutions for industrial environments, large commercial warehouses and spaces with high ceilings that require intense general lighting. 

Each industrial luminaire offers high lighting and energy efficiency, light intensity and quality. These features go hand in hand with the best LED technology, which allows the industrial luminaire to instantly switch on and prevents the light source from flashing, guaranteeing the best visual comfort for long working days. For these type of environments, they’re the perfect industrial luminaires to improve the wellbeing and performance of workers. 

780 range


These watertight luminaires are usually used for general lighting in spaces such as industrial facilities related to different activities, car parks, warehouses, underpasses and premises that tend to be damp. You can choose between three different models and two or three dimming systems (On-Of, 1-10 V or DALI). They also offer IK08 and IP65 protection.

816 range

Even though this is also a range of industrial luminaires, because of their design and features, they can be used in educational centres and all sorts of commercial premises. These suspended luminaires are designed for spaces with high ceilings of between 4 and 15 metres. They‘re also a good alternative for spaces that require concentrated light flux, thanks to versions with different dimming options and other features focused on certain lighting needs. Their simple installation uses IP68/IP65 connectors and a chain to hang them from.  

840 range

Luminaires for industrial facilities, car parks, pavilions, shopping centres, warehouses or dressing rooms, and many other applications. They’re even an option in specific areas of the home, such as the garage. With a compact, understated design without closing clips, allowing for proper electrical continuity thanks to the input and output connector. Above all, lighting efficiency. Includes a quick connector.

880 range


Although these industrial luminaires are perfect for industrial environments and warehouses with high ceilings, they don't just provide general lighting. This particular range of industrial luminaires can also be applied as accent lighting. So, they can be compatible with other ranges of industrial luminaires. Versions with symmetric and asymmetric optics, as well as several colour temperatures (3000 K and 4000K). 

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