A range of downlights designed to meet multiple lighting needs in different lighting environments, guaranteeing minimum energy consumption and maximum visual comfort.

Simon Hole

Hole recreates the physical effect of pure light entering a space through.

Controlling and digitizing light has never been easier.

With Simon, the light adapts to each moment; to each person. Use our interfaces or the App iO Simon, to define the nuances of the light; from intensity to on or off time. And even the creation of special and unique experiences.


A system that adapts to your needs. Compatible with all control and lighting technologies without the need to modify your traditional installation.


Light must fulfill its purpose, but in certain environments it's best for light to be soft, unassuming, stable and even, as well as easy on the eyes. For this reason, SIMON presents its range of DOWNLIGHTS, one of the most versatile luminaires when putting together settings that require uniform lighting that evenly reaches every corner of the room. Always with the highest level of visual comfort.  

Each DOWNLIGHTS range, according to its design and applications, offers endless possibilities to users in different settings: residential, hotels and tourist complexes, commercial premises and restaurants, industrial facilities, offices and practically any space that requires the best lighting performance with stable and uniform light. 

They can also be used to highlight objects, zones, glass cabinets or small localised areas, without affecting the general ambient lighting. Greater light quality with maximum energy efficiency. Yes, it’s possible. And these luminaires prove it. 


Simple but functional style. With intensive/Spot optics or, if you prefer, medium/Wide Flood optics. The first is for accent lighting; the second is for general lighting. 


Especially for ambient lighting. It also allows the light to be pointed wherever we want. 


Recessed lights with great visual comfort. Ideal to avoid glare. They can be used to focus on transit areas, corners and even objects. 


Extra-flat features and simplicity: a functional light for spaces such as offices, educational and health centres, hotels...


Another alternative to create environments that require even, stable lighting that’s easy on the eyes.


For general environments that require homogeneous light. This range allows for better control over each luminaire by the user.


A DOWNLIGHT par excellence. High-quality lighting performance to create environments with great visual comfort.

Also, in the case you have older versions, the DOWNLIGHT ranges can be easily converted to LED. This is one of their many benefits. Check out each of the benefits provided by each luminaire in the DOWNLIGHTS range.