Interior lighting systems

The human being's ability to adapt to the environment is extraordinary. The way in which light can positively influence our mood, comfort and performance is a clear example. For this reason, at Simon we have developed different lighting systems that help improve the well-being and quality of life of people in their day-to-day lives.


The Slim System, Drop and linear lighting ranges from Simon offer a series of advantages that bring a new dimension to what until now we understood as lighting systems.

Sistemas de iluminación para interiores Simon
In this way, unlimited possibilities for interior design from architectural, decorative and environmental lighting are offered.

Maximum customization of spaces

These are systems capable of adapting to different demands, being able to design totally free compositions, without restrictions. Its pure forms, their possibilities of guidance and the variety of color temperatures allow these systems to be versatile and flexible when adapting to contexts or situations, being able to create totally unique spaces and personality full spaces.

Scalable and modifiable systems

Thanks to these characteristics, Simon lighting systems ranges offer the possibility of modifying or expanding the light framework based on the needs of each moment.

High light performance

These lighting systems have an innovative technology that allows a very high color performance (IRC), long shelf life and high efficiency or luminous performance, which is the amount of light emitted (LM) for each unit of electrical power consumed (W ).

Wide variety of designs and functionalities

In addition to being able to choose between different color temperatures and a wide variety of options, you can also choose the type of control and regulation that interests you most: Dali One to One is one of the best alternatives to turn on, turn off or regulate the light, but Also dispensing light modules with dimmer on-board and 0-10V.

Almost infinite applications

This type of architectural lighting can be used in virtually anywhere that requires interior lighting and in which light plays a leading role in designing and forming the spaces. From hotels, restaurants, commercial premises, offices or museums, among others, to all kinds of residential environments.