The enormous digitisation of all types of content has generated over recent years new ways of consumption. Our brand understands this concept very well, and has taken advantage of the endless possibilities that technology offers today to build and mould spaces that connect quickly and efficiently to the contents that we each enjoy, giving the spaces within the home a new dimension.
In this context, wireless functions play a predominant role. Simon offers new opportunities for installations of all types including wireless, to remove the need for cables. Without a doubt, all these products will increase the quality of life in any home. We also have, in our online catalogue, ideal options for work stations (offices, large facilities, industrial facilities and public spaces).
Among the latest developments that are proving to be very popular are devices that operate via Bluetooth. For example, for devices that allow you to listen to music or the radio from anywhere in the house, simply using a tablet, mp3 or a mobile phone. Another great development are the multimedia centre modules These are used to connect different devices directly to a socket in the wall. And there are functions to suit everyone.
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