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Timing and clocks

Looking for timer and clock systems? Here, in our online catalogue, you’ll find a wide variety of timer functions, with materials of the highest quality and capable of meeting the needs of any room, from public places to businesses and, of course, homes.
Maximum performance, the latest technology and carefully-designed aesthetics are combined to create mechanisms with a latest-generation display, made by Simon, allowing a significant control of the installations and the maximum activation at any moment of all kinds of functions, and, of course, they offer significant energy savings for those who have this type of system.
The have several features, including digital alarm clocks, presence simulators, blinds schedulers, and lots more. Also in our online catalogue are timer and clock systems that allow multiple functions just by purchasing a particular product.
Simon is the indisputable leader and authentic reference for an industrial manufacturing group that has grown exponentially in over one hundred years, making it today the leading company of this sector in the domestic market, with a high ranking in the international market for low-voltage electrical products.

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