Simon iO

Simon has more than a century of experience behind it, trying due to improve our lives in all types of homes and in all kinds of work places. And we continue to do so. Always offering you the best.
Are you looking for a system for adjusting and controlling the lighting, the blinds, background music or some other feature for On/Off functions?
Then this is the section for you. Take a look at our wide range of On/Off systems with all types of applications and uses.
Although here, the most important thing is functionality, Simon always takes the appearance of its products into account. There is a range of products for all tastes: from the most classic and to the most bold and modern.
All these systems are designed to make life easier and more comfortable for people, as well as saving them in managing the electrical systems in their homes. A warmer, more comfortable home is possible. In short, better quality of life.
Want to make your home more comfortable for you and for your family?
Interested in energy savings at home or at work?
Take a look at this section to see everything that Simon can offer you.

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